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The coal mines, whether brown, hard or ore, during mining works generate highly hydrated post-flotation waste. Large-volume storage tanks for the hydrated form of the silt are needed before it gets dried.

Effective dewatering of post-flotation sediments and solids removal, from the over sediment water can be achieved with application of the SoilTain® dewatering technolog.

The SoilTain® geosynthetic containers can be used to pump in sludge from both, sedimentation tanks holding hydrated silt and raw sludge flowing in from mining processes in the mine. Depending on the available space at our disposal, several containers can be installed.

When filling them alternately, full containers should be removed and in their place new ones should be placed, maintaining continuity of works. During the dewatering process, it is necessary to use a polyelectrolyte, so even the smallest fraction of sediment is dewatered in a geosynthetic container, without flowing through the pores of the sleeve material.

The polyelectrolyte is selected in a laboratory tests and dosed by a fully automated polyelectrolyte dosing station.

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