Post-production sludges

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Production sludges arise in various types of processes (including ceramic production, production of chemicals, crude oil processing, thermal processes, etc.). These types of sediments are most often directed to the system of settling tanks, which fill up after some time.

A big problem later is their emptying and dehydration of the residual sludge, because the disposal and utilization of sludges is quite a difficult and expensive operation.

Iron sludge
Iron sludge

Most often sludges from the settling tanks are pumped directly on the tight tub-type trucks. Direct disposal is not always possible due to the location of the settling tanks and no access for trucks.

Post-production sediments in the form of sludges are very difficult to manage or dispose.

The SoilTain® technology makes possible to locate geosynthetic tubes at a considerable distance from the settling tank. It is possible to adjust the size of the SoilTain® geosynthetic tubes to the available space on the dewatering field.

Post-production sludges can be effectively dewatered in geosynthetic containers, which significantly reduces the volume of sludge, and thus increases the dry mass of the sludge. Thanks to this, the development and disposal is easier and cheaper.

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