Soil remediation

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In the course of soil remediation works, so the activities aimed at removing or reducing the amount of contaminants, applicable are methods, that collect contaminated water from the soil in order to purify it in the above-ground installation.

During purifying works, the sediment is generated on the filters, which should be eliminated by washing the filters. The washings can be successfully transferred to the SoilTain® geosynthetic tubes.

Even a very small amount of sludge contained in the washings is effectively dewatered in a geocontainer. The polyelectrolyte dosing installation is equipped with a number of control and measurement sensors and doses the appropriate portion of a substance that flocculates solids.

As a result, in the course of the process, the liquid flowing out of the synthetic container sleeve, can be recycled and reused in soil remediation. Additionally the dewatered sludge is ready for transport and disposal.

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